#theauxputmeon: Rittybo

Photo by Keni Orozco

Whether she’s yiking at your local anime convention, recording music videos at a function, or supporting the homie’s art, the Bay Area’s own RITTYBO is the definition of cool.

RITTYBO is a singer, songwriter, who lives at the heart of multiple art communities. She is beyond an artist, creating a system that links artists, musicians, and creative minds alike from all over California. Her style is unique, and she takes a lot of fashion inspiration from early 2000s anime and Nintendo characters. On top of all that, she can play a mean uke! Matched with a voice that fits the late-night sesh vibe and intimate beats layered with melodic strums from her ukulele, she’s got a song for almost every occasion.

RITTYBO is all about making music with her friends and creating something joyous. Her 2020 single “Lonely” features another Bay area legend in the making, Kezia, and is a fun groove set to listen at any kickback. 2020 she assembled the homies for their own music group “Juicy Black” with only two songs out, but more magic on the way. You can stream “Like I Do” on our #theauxputmeon playlist.

Featured Song: “Like I Do”



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